It’s A Shame You Can’t Find An Amazing Overseas VA When It’s
So Easy for These Employers

Why do so many business owners have such a hard time successfully hiring and keeping overseas VAs?


These entrepreneurs are winning big-time with their VAs and finding great VAs they can trust…

“Grow our revenue more than 300%”

“Since going through your One VA Away Challenge, we’ve been able to hire an amazing team of bookkeepers from the Philippines and since then have grown our revenue by more than 300% (in less than a year). Much heartfelt thanks.”
Benjamin Mira
Owner, Speakeasy Bookkeeping

“Changed my business completely”

“I’ve grown my team to 3 full-time VAs, and it’s changed my business completely. The work ethic and reliability with little to no office politics mean we focus on delivering the best outcomes to our clients. It took some time and effort to train my team, and was worth every minute of it.”
Gia Le

“You changed
my life!”

“You changed my life 5 years ago. When I started my agency, I was working 60-80 hours per week. I learned about your program and successfully hired my first VA. He saved my 10-15 hours of work PER WEEK. We have used your service to recruit many positions that are still working for us today, 5+ years later.”
Paul Staten

“My 5 VAs are crushing their work!”

“I recently took your One VA Away course, and I used to hire. It’s going really well so far! I’m up to give VAs who are crushing their work and seem really happy in their roles. I think that can largely be attributed to your hiring process.”
Grant McCarty
Founder, PrepHQ

“You’ve made my business better!”

“Because of you, I have a team of workers in the Philippines all because of this website.

You’ve made my business better and I can’t thank you enough!”
Tara Vining

“Guess what, 
it worked!”

“I did everything you told me to do and guess what... it worked!

I found my Filipino worker and he is wonderful! The job gets done and I don’t have to worry about it.

The results show, and he has helped us get more business.”
Tony Freeman
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From: John Jonas, owner of
Where: Snow-Capped Highland, Utah

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

It’s true. So many business owners just can’t seem to make the overseas VA system work for them. Some are too afraid to even try.

But once you know and implement this handful of things… 

They’re not hard, illegal, or unethical at all. They’re not even all that different… 

You can have a transformation in your business like you’ve 
never seen. In fact, you’ll suddenly have more free time, more opportunities to increase profits easily, and FAR less stress…

Because you’ll begin leveraging your work SO much with high-quality VAs who speak great English, are dependable, responsible, on time, highly skilled, and extremely loyal workers.

Hiring an overseas VA comes with A LOT of doubts, questions, and worries.

John Jonas

Founder of, helps 
entrepreneurs liberate themselves
from the daily grind by outsourcing to
talented Filipino VAs.

Wouldn’t you like to know WHAT these business owners

found out to be totally successful with VAs? 

And HOW they found trustworthy, loyal, superior VAs?

And HOW they found 
trustworthy, loyal, superior VAs?

“I appreciate the class so much!”

“I just hired my first VA using the method in your One VA Away Challenge. I appreciate the class so much. It put me in the right headspace to do a lot of clever things to both sell my job and start a positive relationship with a future employee from the get-go. I’m so excited!”
Sara Brumfield
Partner, Brumfield Labs

“Gives you exactly what you need to hire a great worker.”

“This course covers exactly what an employer should know at each step.

My advice to employers: don’t waste your time trying to gather all the free content online. Your time is worth much more than the price of the course, which gives you exactly what you need for each step in hiring a great worker.”
 Aaron Hall

“Your course saved us from a ton of mistakes.”

“I used your One VA Away course to learn as much as possible about hiring these workers, and it helped us tremendously. I really don’t think we would have been this successful at hiring the right people without your insights.

Your course saved us from making a ton of mistakes. We were able to get off on the right foot almost immediately, hiring 5 people in 6 months. There’s no way we could have done that without taking your course and using your tools.”
Noah Wieder
CEO, SearchBug, Inc.

“You’ve created a CEO out of me!”

“I can’t believe how much my Filipino VAs have gotten done in just 3 days! Big things are coming!

You have taught me so much. I’m just baffled how quickly things are moving now that I’m thinking like a CEO. It’s just incredible.”
Hannah Hageman

“I cannot recommend highly enough!”

“I currently have 3 amazing VAs. I cannot recommend your course highly enough. It’s a process, but once you find the right VA, your working life will never be the same.”
Brigette Benge

“I was able to hire 2 amazing employees!”

“Thanks to your One VA Away course, I was able to hire 2 amazing employees on So, thanks!”
Nicolas Jeanne
You see, a lot of employers worry they’re going to make a mistake. 
And until they learn just a handful of crucial, yet easy “rules of the road” for hiring VAs, they are in danger of making the same mistakes so many others have made.

But I’ve got a proven way to get you ready for the best business decision you’ll make all year. 

It’s all inside the short, to-the-point, pre-recorded course I’m telling you about on this page. You can watch this in-depth course in under 2 hours, or even faster if you listen at 1.5x or 2x speed.

And that’s the secret to the success of these entrepreneurs… 
every one of them has taken this course, and I’d like to tell you about it.

Best Business Decision You’ll Make All Year

As the owner of, I’ve seen it all and watched hundreds of thousands of employers make the same silly mistakes over and over again.

No matter how good of a person you are, how polite you are, or how good your communication skills are… 

If you haven’t worked with Filipinos as employees before, you would have no way of knowing how to avoid these mistakes.

But now, I can nearly guarantee that you’ll find and hire a superior Filipino VA the FIRST TIME you try.

A VA you can trust, who’s hard-working, loyal, and very talented. 
When Hannah first tried hiring a Filipino VA, she did what she would do with any new potential hire in her business.

She assumed that having a life Skype or Zoom call with potential candidates would be the best way to get started.

But after a couple of weeks of getting ghosted by candidates who seemed perfect for the position, she was frustrated.

“What did I do wrong?” she wondered. 

There’s a simple, but very specific “communications protocol” you MUST follow if you want to get things “started on the right foot” with a Filipino VA. And it definitely does NOT include Skype or Zoom in the early stages of the relationship. 

Hanna didn’t realize that this is one of the WORST mistakes employers make. But how was she to know?
What I’ve found over the years of running the top Filipino VA site, is…

There’s a core set of things you need to know and do that will work for just about everyone who tries them… like the 6 people on the top of this page.

They’re very easy to understand, and it will only take me a handful of short videos inside this course to explain how you can avoid these common blunders.

Once Hannah realized she was making these mistakes, she too found a great VA and is finally stepping into the role of CEO of her business. 

She no longer has to burn the candle at both ends and finally has a few hours a day for herself. She has the time, headspace, and freedom so that when she does work, she’s working ON her business instead of IN her business.

And soon, you will too!


One VA Away

How to Quickly Overcome the Common Hiring Mistakes 
Holding You Back from Your Outsourcing Dreams

“One VA Away” is a to-the-point, pre-recorded course you can watch in under 2 hours. With the in-depth knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be ready to find your first VA almost right away.

This is the exact system I’ve personally used to hire the 35 VAs 
I have working for me now. 

Currently, I only HAVE to work about 3-4 hours a week. 
But, since I get bored, I usually work more like 16-17 hours a week.

When you’re able to find trustworthy VAs… 
It will be the single most liberating decision of your entrepreneurial life!

Plus, Filipino VAs are just as talented (and sometimes even MORE talented) than local employees, but for a fraction of the price.

Inside this short course… which you can finish in a little over an hour… 
  • You’ll learn why Filipino VAs are so loyal…
  • ​Why they are so trustworthy…  
  • ​Why they LOVE working for American employers…
  • ​Why they will likely be the best employees you ever have…
  • ​And much more.
It’s a very simple process. 

Each of the 7 instruction videos you’ll receive is under 15 minutes. And implementing what you’ll learn is very quick and easy.

In fact, you could have your new talented Filipino VA working for you in just a few days (or even a few hours!) from now if you really get moving.

No more month-long, or even week-long hiring processes. 
Now you can experience the liberating feeling of working ON your business instead of IN your business by joining “One VA Away.”

Here’s What You’ll Experience In

One VA Away

Video #1

One of the biggest mistakes I see employers make when hiring their first VA is giving them the wrong sort of tasks to work on. In this opening video, you’ll get prepared to hit the ground running with your first VA so you can make the most of their help… instead of giving yourself MORE work like most 1st time VA employers do… which defeats the entire purpose of outsourcing.

You’ll also discover…
  • Why you should NEVER hire a “freelance” VA.
  • ​How to hire a Filipino VA without having to pay employment taxes, extra insurance, or any other expenses that typically come along with employees.
  • ​Which type of VA you should ALWAYS hire first.
  • The biggest mistake employers make after hiring their VA that either wears out their new hire, or confuses them and causes them to quit.

Video #2

How will you know how talented your Filipino VA candidates really are? I’ll show you how to see what kind of talent people have so you can be sure you find a good, reliable employee you can count on. By the end of video 2, you’ll know exactly how to find the highest-quality candidates for your position.

You’ll also discover…
  • How to easily weed out the bad candidates and spammers so you don’t waste your time chasing the wrong VAs.
  • ​How to save dozens of hours browsing thousands of VA listings for “the ONE” VA for you.
  • ​The kind of salary request a prospective VA makes that means you shouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.
  • How to decide between offering full-time or part-time work to your VA and be sure you’re getting way more bang for your buck.

Video #3

When you follow these tips, the interviewing process is VERY fast and happens in as little time as possible. This is where you can really find and even create a rockstar VA. It’s all down to HOW you interview. Filipino employees are, in many ways, a lot like Americans. But there are a few very important cultural differences to be aware of. 

By the end of video 3, you’ll know exactly how to spot excellent candidates for you and how to properly talk to them so they’ll be set up for maximum success.

You’ll also discover…
  • Why you should NEVER have a Skype or Zoom interview too soon in the hiring process.
  • ​How I consistently hire rockstar VAs (up to 35 working for me now) WITHOUT ever having a Skype or Zoom call.
  • ​Simple tweaks you can make to your listing if nobody is applying for your position that open the floodgates.
  • 7 questions I ALWAYS ask to make sure I’m finding top-notch VAs.

Video #4

In video 4, you’ll start the process of honing in on a pool of top choices to fill your position. By the end of this video, you’ll know which questions to ask and how to spot the candidates most likely to be rockstars for your business.

You’ll also discover…
  • Why requiring these certain types of “test” projects is a big turnoff to Filipino employees.
  • ​The 3 things you should look for that virtually guarantee you’ll hire a winning VA.
  • Why I don’t usually want the most experienced person on my team.
  • The 6 things I’m looking for when hiring my next VA.
  • The “compliance” test I run on all my potential customers to see if they’re really the best fit for my company.

Video #5

In video 5, you’ll be ready to see which candidates make the final cut. As you make the final cuts, you’ll need to keep a few important things in mind so you’ll be ready to test and finalize your candidates.

You’ll also discover…
  • 8 “trust” questions to ask so your candidate will appreciate you and begin trusting you even before you hire them.
  • ​The request that will do more harm than good. It could cause your candidates to think you won’t understand them, or worse, that you’ll embarrass them.
  • My favorite alternative to having live Skype or Zoom calls, and why they work better for me every time.
  • The best, fastest, and most effective way to begin creating instructions for your new hire in a way that shows you care about them.
  • The #1 difficulty when hiring Filipino VAs and how to easily overcome it so your VAs will stick with you for years to come (I have VAs that have been with me since 2005).

Video #6

By video 6, things will have moved SO fast, you’ll probably already know who you want to hire. You’ll take the final steps to finalizing your new hire in a way that gets them excited to work with you.

You’ll also discover…
  • How best to negotiate work hours and set expectations with a VA that lives in a time zone that’s 8-14 hours different from yours.
  • The type of payment arrangement that will ALWAYS cause your candidates to hold back and consider whether they should walk away from your listing and look elsewhere. Here’s what to do instead so the right candidates are EAGER to work for you. 
  • How to find the most capable assistants (totally counterintuitive to conventional wisdom about who to hire).
  • The ultimate deal-breaker when it comes time to decide who you’re going to hire.

Video #7

Now it’s time to start working with your VA. In this final video, you’ll hire and get your new VA working on their first project right away. By the end of this video, you’ll have everything you need to be up and running with your officially hired VA.

You’ll also discover…
  • My 9-step “get started” process to get your VA performing and making your life easier right away.
  • How soon you should consider giving your new VA a raise.
  • How to know if your VA is being honest with you.
  • My 3-part communication strategy that ensures my VAs are productive and happy every single day.
  • How to give your VA instructions so they can quickly deliver on the tasks you assign them.
  • Why firing should not be the 1st thing you do when things go wrong… and how best to handle this situation.
  • ​The “December surprise” that makes your VAs end-of-year incredibly happy and keeps them excitedly working for you long term. HINT: It’s NOT a Christmas bonus… though… you should do that too.

Plus, When You Enroll, You Get This

FREE Bonus

Questions To Ask When 
Interviewing Filipino Workers

The interview process can help reveal a lot of things you wouldn’t see in a resume. It can help you confirm what they wrote in their CV, and it shows how they react to pressure. It will show you whether or not you can get along together in a working relationship. 

Interviewing a Filipino is very different from a typical American interview. The “Questions To Ask” bonus will help you navigate the interview process smoothly so you can find a great VA fast.

Value of $29

What you’re getting inside

“One VA Away”

VIDEO 1: Deciding the ONE Task to Outsource First

$97 Value

VIDEO 2: Writing & Posting Your Job On

$97 Value

VIDEO 3: Let The Interviewing Magic Begin

$97 Value

VIDEO 4: Finding the VA Qualities You’re Looking For

$97 Value

VIDEO 5: Narrowing Down Your Candidates

$97 Value

VIDEO 6: Testing & Finalizing Your Policies

$97 Value

VIDEO 7: Hiring & Setting Expectations

$97 Value

BONUS: Questions to Ask When Interviewing Filipino Workers

$29 Value

Total Value = $708


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Let Me Take All The Risk,

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Your “Superior VA” Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you...

“One VA Away” will help you overcome the common blunders most employers make when trying to hire VAs. This course will help you quickly find a trustworthy, loyal, superior VA in as little as 2 hours… and maybe as slow as 7 days… depending on how quickly you act.

You have everything you need right here.

I guarantee you BIG results, that is, if you actually use the 6-step formula I’ve proven for over 15 years as the owner of, the most effective and sought-after Filipino VA service. You cannot go wrong with this method.

But, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, just let me and my team know with a quick email to within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

In other words, you have a 30-day safety net to make sure this works for you.
Sound fair?

Ready to finally become the
CEO of your business?

Most hiring processes require months of interviewing, travel expenses for in-person interviews, and a lot of added time commitment and stress to your overly packed schedule as it is. It costs most employers thousands of dollars to find and hire the right person.

But when you learn to hire Filipino VAs the right way… following this “One VA Away” method, you can finally step into the CEO role in your business, confident that all the tasks you used to handle are being completed by your competent team of Filipino VAs.

If you’re ready to give “One VA Away” a try, simply click the button below.


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Time to Decide

When you begin leveraging your work with high-quality VAs who speak great English, are dependable, responsible, on time, highly skilled, 
and extremely loyal workers…

You’ll finally feel like the CEO of your business instead of feeling chained to your desk all the time. 

So now, you have a choice to make.

You can keep doing what you’ve always done and keep struggling with the same challenges. 

You can keep slogging away in the J-O-B you’ve created for yourself.


You can FINALLY get the help you need. 

Help you can trust.

Help you can rely on.

You’re literally just a few dollars… and a few days (or even hours) away from experiencing the liberating feeling of what outsourcing can REALLY do for you.

And you can enroll now with the safety net of your 
30-day money-back guarantee.

Let me walk by your side and help you finally get the help you need from incredibly loyal, trustworthy, superior Filipino VAs.

Click the button below, and let’s get started right away.
Owner of
P.S. After helping millions of employers find talented, trustworthy Filipino VAs… I GUARANTEE I can help you do the same.

And I can do it FAST.

The problem is, you’re probably making the same common mistakes most employers make.

And until you solve these problems, you’ll be stuck.

With what you’ll discover inside “One VA Away,” you’ll never have to wonder why you’re not finding the amazing Filipino VAs all your competitors have.

Soon, you’ll find incredibly loyal, hard-working, perfect-English-speaking Filipino VAs who LOVE working for you full-time.

You’ll stop being a slave to the day-to-day in your business.

You’ll finally stop working IN your business… 
and start working ON your business.

Click the button below and get our simple, 6-step system for avoiding all the big mistakes employers make when hiring Filipino VAs. 

You’re about to have the most liberating experience of your business life… GUARANTEED!


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